I’m Massimo Caiafa, I am born into a family that since 1600 has always excelled in the artistic field with artists, painters, gold beaters, decorators and carvers. After years of cooperation with my father, the maestro Raffaele Caiafa from which I was able to acquire the fundaments of Art and painting, the secrets of the workmanship, from the antiquing patina to the techniques of gilding, I decided to “reborn” under a new guise and express myself in full autonomy . My desire was to experiment also other creative ways, while remaining true to the traditions and craftsmanship.

So I realized my dream by opening an Atelier in which the artists who work there can freely express their art interpreting the masterpieces of the great masters and continuing the tradition of Italian and Neapolitan painting. In my Art studio, the artist draws directly on the canvas  the subject to which he is  inspired, creating a work that requires great talent, patience and virtuosity, in order to create a unique and original work, to be preserved over time. As an antique picture, the painting is realized on a fabric support of fine arts (canvas, jute, cotton), prepared as in ancient times, giving a fund based on plaster and animal glue, then using brushes and high professional quality colors. Once dried, is treated with the refined technique of crackle, to give the charm effect  of “cracking” that is characteristic of old paintings. Subsequently,  the painting is put back on the stand to be patinated, A special haze that gives an ancient flavor and taste .

Being a studio where Art “is created”, all the paintings can be custom made, reinterpreted and tailored to meet to satisfy every need of furnishings and high decoration, to obtain a valuable work of Art, a unique piece of very high quality , which is an investment that lasts.

Also, I design and make, together with my team, classic paintings such as ceilings, walls and medallions, boiserie, paintings with allegorical motifs, architectural and ornamental , as well as works of modern and contemporary Art.

My frames are made with the wisdom of the old artisan workshops. Each one is an unique piece for the essence of the wood, the use of precious materials such as gold and silver leaf, marble, natural stones, artisanal  finishes and lacquering.

The process of leaf gilding is extremely fascinating and requires several stages before seeing the finished work, but the result certainly rewards the patience of those who engages in this art whose origins are lost over the centuries.

Unlike frames that surround the painting, those made in my workshop, by tradition and historical culture, exclusivity and originality, give a strong connotation to the canvases, enhancing the content and giving uniqueness, elegance and style.

Themselves become a valuable art object.

The accuracy in details highlights the style and beauty of delicate Capodimonte porcelain that you find in my atelier. Vases, Art objects and statues, as well as the decorations of flowers and fruits mounted on frames, are created by a skilled master craftsman , heiress of the nobles secrets of ancient Neapolitan manufacture of Capodimonte, that models and decorates them by hand.

The uniqueness and value of all works created in my studio consist in  the precious characteristic of being completely “handmade”



my laboratory offers the service “to measure” on the customer’s design.

For interior decoration I intend enhancing of a space following aesthetic canons, using various painting techniques, interpreting the client’s taste and considering furniture and architecture, having as its aim the beauty and elegance of the environment.

I work around the world and ship everywhere the works of Art created in my Atelier. Personally I prefer the execution on canvas also of those paintings destined to a wall or a ceiling because the canvases can be easily transported and shipped all over the world, to be then professionally fixed and become themselves part of the architectural structure.

As always the spirit that animates everything ‘that I realize is based on respect for the integrity’ and excellence handed down by the millenary culture of the great masters of the past and ancient tradition of my family.

All my paintings and Art objects are emblem of a “Made in Italy” oriented to luxury, originality, creativity, and their exclusive process ensures value over time.